Walmart Criticized for Sales of Juneteenth Products

Walmart recently came under fire online for selling and advertising June 16-themed products. They are including ice cream, in honor of the national holiday.

June 19, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the US and is celebrated on June 19, only became a federal holiday in 2021. The declaration that the day became a federal holiday caused a backlash from prominent black voices on Twitter who claimed that making it a party wasn’t enough.

This year, Walmart announced new Juneteenth products, including party decorations and even Juneteenth-themed ice cream, which many of the options questioned on social media.

Journalist Chris Lovingood also tweeted pictures of Walmart’s Great Value brand Juneteenth ice cream. The ice cream, which has a red velvet flavor, also has a trademark logo with the word “Juneteenth.”

Besides, Lovingood posted a screenshot of questions sent to a Walmart representative. The account asked why the word “Juneteenth” had been registered as a trademark.

Many more on Twitter have criticized themed products for using Juneteenth as a marketing scheme. Another questioned what Walmart was doing for its black employees to commemorate June 16.

Actor, comedian, and content creator Kevin Fredericks, aka KevOnStage, made a TikTok video regarding all of Walmart’s Juneteenth products. Several Twitter users have stated that instead of buying the Juneteenth ice cream. Another brand being sold at Walmart is a Black-owned brand with the same flavor of ice cream.

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