Trying to Stroke the Lion for the Show, Jamaica Zoo Officer Loses His Finger

Recently a zoo officer in St Elizabeth, Jamaica was attacked by a lion and lost his ring finger. The incident began when an officer from the Jamaica Zoo put his hand into the lion’s den to stroke the lion.

At first, the man ignored the growl of the lion in front of him. Then spat out swear words for enduring the pain. That’s because a large lion bit one of his fingers. When the incident occurred, some visitors seemed to record it while screaming because they saw zoo staff struggling to release the lion’s bite.

There were at least 15 witnesses at the scene who witnessed the horrific event. After successfully escaping the lion’s bite, the officer immediately headed for a vehicle for initial treatment. One of the visitors thought that what the man was doing was just a joke. The visitor didn’t think it was serious, and didn’t realize it, because it was their job to make the show.

The zoo worker in the red shirt was heard screaming as he tried to get the lion’s bite off his fingers. Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals managing director Pamela Lawson told the paper she would investigate the incident.

They are going down there and I’m going to be in touch with the National Planning and Environment Agency which oversees the Jamaica Zoo.

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