Student Killed in Oxford, Parents Shooting File Federal Lawsuit Against School District

Justin Shilling was a high school student who died in the Nov 30 mass shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan. Together, the parents filed a federal lawsuit against the school district. They regreted that officials could have done more to prevent a tragedy occurred and causing his son died.

Craig Shilling and Jill Soave are Shilling’s parents. They are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed Sunday. They announced at a news conference with attorney Ven Johnson in Detroit.

The parents of shooting victim Tate Myre are also involved in the lawsuit, in which they are plaintiffs. The parents of 4 surviving Oxford High students are also plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Oxford employees are alleged to have dropped the district’s procedures for students experiencing suicidal ideation. It is so since the 15-year-old shooter, Ethan Crumbley, appeared to be up to standard. At a news conference on Monday, Johnson handed over a copy of Oxford’s suicide intervention policy.

Four students, Tate Myre, Justin, Hana St Juliana, and Madisyn Baldwin, were killed in the shooting. A teacher and 6 other students were also injured. The St Juliana family are plaintiffs in a separate civil lawsuit in federal court against the district.

Of course, it was an emotional moment for Oxford family as the seniors finished high school. Baldwin and Shilling were seniors and were supposed to attend the high school graduation on Thursday. At the ceremony, Shilling’s parents received diplomas and the brothers received the Oxford Cup, an award for the best student in their class.

Soave was in tears sharing Monday the immense sadness the family has felt since her son was killed. She and Shilling also joined both Myres in suing the Crumbley family and several Oxford school officials in Oakland County Circuit Court. The suit was filed in January accusing the Crumbleys of reckless behavior and asserting that Oxford school officials could have done more to prevent the tragedy by noting the warning signs the suspect was displaying before the shooting. Currently, court proceedings are ongoing and scheduled for Wednesday. For Craig Shilling, the reality of his son’s death felt like an explosion in mind leaving a huge hole in his life.

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