Stranger Things Season 4 Recap on Netflix, Meet the Powerful Eleven

Fans are eager to meet Eleven in Stranger Things Season 4. This is the first volume of the fourth season of the famous Netflix series that starts airing today, Friday May 25. In a number of trailers released close to its broadcast, the Hawkins ABG group is now entering high school after going through a terrible battle at Starcourt Mall. But a terrifying new supernatural threat suddenly emerges. They may hold the key to the end of the Upside Down world.

The presence of this latest season is certainly expected to solve a number of mysteries in the series starring Millie Bobby Brown. The fate of Jim Hopper (David Harbor) becomes a question mark at the end of the third season. At that time he and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) tried to close the Upside Down gate. It was about to be reopened by the Russians. Hopper was trapped in the same room as the Upside Down gate. And of course, the place was destroyed by Joyce.

Although he was presumed dead, the Stranger Things 4 trailer shows the return of Hopper. In the last two seasons, there have been two Upside Down gates closed. One by Eleven under Hawkins Laboratories, one by Joyce and Hopper under Starcourt Mall.

At the end of season three, a grieving Joyce chooses to leave Hawkins with her two children. They were Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Will (Noah Schnapp), and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Mind Flayer, the ruler of Upside Down, was successfully dispelled at the end of the third season. His ability to possess, deploy, attack, and kill various creatures like Demogorgon was severed. However, in the post-credits episode of the third season finale, a Demogorgon appeared.

Eleven’s telekinesis powers suddenly disappeared at the end of season three. Before, he removed chunks of Mind Flayer from her feet in the Battle of Starcourt. In the midst of the emergence of a terrible new monster in the fourth season, fans wonder how he and friends will deal with it without the power. All of these questions will be answered in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume One which airs on Netflix on May 27. They will release the part two on July 1.

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