Stephanie McMahon Announces Taking Leave of Absence from WWE

WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon has reported she’s disappearing from nonattendance from the organization.

Stephanie tweeted that starting tomorrow, she is withdrawing from nonattendance from most of my obligations at WWE. WWE is a deep rooted heritage for her and she anticipate getting back to the organization that I love in the wake of setting aside some margin to zero in on her loved ones.

Stephanie is the girl of WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. She is hitched to previous grappler and WWE’s Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy Development Paul Triple H Levesque.

Levesque was hospitalized last September and in March he affirmed his retirement from wrestling in the wake of having a defibrillator fitted in his chest. Making sense of his hospitalization, Levesque said that he was experiencing viral pneumonia in September and his significant other saw that he was hacking up blood.

On the other side, Levesque tweeted that he won’t ever wrestle from this point forward. He, first of all, have a defibrillator in his chest that is most likely just plain dumb for him to get destroyed on live TV.

He then went to emergency clinic where specialists found liquid in his lungs and around his heart. Subsequent to running tests, specialists let him know his heart was working for a portion of original capacity. And also, he was in terrible cardiovascular breakdown.

For the next, Nick Khan, WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer, will be taking over most of Stephanie McMahon’s duties at WWE.

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