SpaceX Paid $250,000 to Cover Elon Musk’s Sex Harassment Case

SpaceX is reported to have paid $250,000 to a flight attendant to cover up sexual harassment by Elon Musk. Bussines Insider reports the money was spent to make sure the flight attendant didn’t speak out or sue the company after Elon Musk allegedly exposed himself and asked to have sex.

According to one of the flight attendant’s friends, on one of the flights to London Musk asked her to give him a full body massage in his room. The flight attendant is said to have refused to perform any sexual act on Musk which irritated him greatly after the flight. The flight attendant’s friend also said SpaceX had reduced the number of shifts it was given after the incident which was seen as a sign of retaliation.

The flight attendant reportedly filed a complaint with SpaceX’s HR department in 2018. In response, the company has taken the complaint to a mediator, not a court or arbitrator, and signed a $250,000 severance agreement prohibiting him from saying bad things about Musk or his companies, including SpaceX and Tesla.

When reached for comment, Musk reportedly said it was part of a black campaign. Previously, he also tweeted, he would be the victim of a dirty trick campaign. Musk told Insider that if he was inclined to engage in sexual harassment, this could not be the first time in his 30-year career that has come to light.

Employees at SpaceX and Tesla have previously said both companies led by Musk have a culture of sexual harassment.

A worker at SpaceX said the company took no meaningful action after they reported being groped by a co-worker, and Tesla is facing multiple lawsuits over its HR department for failing to protect workers who have been subjected to sexual assault and harassment.

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