Seismic Earthquake Recorded in Wolfeboro New Hampshire

An extent 2.2 tremor struck New Hampshire around 12 PM. The focal point was in the city of Wolfeboro, on the north side of Lake Wentworth on the Governor Wentworth Highway. It was felt by inhabitants on the east side of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Route 16 hall to the principal line.

Up to this point no harm has been accounted for. No additional data was quickly accessible. The US Geological Society revealed a greatness 2.2 quake upper east of Wolfeboro around 12 PM Tuesday morning.

As of 05:20, the USGS got 15 reports of quakes nearby around Wolfeboro. So far, there was a report that the seismic tremor was felt close to Sanford, Maine. The quantity of reports expanded to 23 starting around 8 AM.

The focal point of the earthquake was on the upper east side of Lake Wentworth. There were no reports of harm from the tremor, as indicated by the USGS, which referred to the shaking as light.

On the Wolfeboro Fire Department’s Facebook post about the earthquake, some citizens wrote in a remark. Donna Kelly said that the ground shook under her. And she thought the heater exploded. Carolyn Reeves Keenan heard it and it awakened her. It also shook the house and she was unable to return to rest. Right after, she quickly began searching for news about the eathquake.

Denise L Sawyer said, the canine went off the deep end. At that moment, he was thinking that it was his neighbor’s bear. Wolfeboro police on Tuesday morning didn’t answer Seacoast Current’s solicitation for extra data. WMUR originally provided details regarding the eathquake.

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