Rises and Wins, Golden State Warriors One Step Again to Final

A one-handed dunk powered by Golden State Warriors small forward Andrew Wiggins with five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter became the most stunning action in the third game of the western conference final which took place at the American Airlines Center, yesterday.

Wiggins did it right in front of Luka Doncic, the Mavericks star. The movement made the Slovenian player fall on the field. The action immediately went viral in cyberspace. Doncic himself admitted how powerful the Wiggins’ dunk movement was.

The fall of Doncic was followed by the fall of the Mavericks. With 40 points he made, it was still not able to save his team from the third defeat by Golden State Warriors in this series. The Mavericks fell 100-109 to leave them now 0-3 down in a best of seven format.

Warriors now only have one more victory to face the top NBA final after the last one in 2019. They can achieve that if they win again in the fourth game, Wednesday.  The game is still ongoing in Dallas.

The dunk made by Wiggins became two of the total 27 points made by the Canadian player. It was at the same time the biggest points achievement of his career in the play offs. He perfected it with 11 rebounds which also matched his highest rebound record in the best of seven game.

Dunk Wiggins is actually considered an offensive foul by the referee. However, the decision was overturned after Kerr requested the challenge. Golden State Warriors again showed the depth of their squad was more mature in that victory. Stephen Curry appeared ferocious with a donation of 31 points.

Klay Thompson is also the same with 19 points. Meanwhile, Draymond Green packs 10 points. Center Kevon Looney only made 9 points. Later, he was disciplined in the paint area by recording 12 rebounds.

Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd seems aware that his team is now difficult to save. Never before in NBA history has a team trailing 0-3 able to reverse the position and qualify for the next round in the play-offs.

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