Oreo Cookies and Ritz Crackers are Giving Away Free Cookie-Cracker Sandwiches

This week, Oreo Cookies and Ritz Crackers announced a new spectacular snack mix. It is a salty sweet snack combining classic chocolate and cream cakes with saltine crackers for a time-honored party. In the newly arrived cookie and biscuit sandwich, it can be called Cream of Smoked Oreos Filled with Peanut Butter.

And the good news is, The Chicago-based company, Mondelēz International, is giving away free cookie cracker sandwiches. The company belongs to two brands and is offering a Free Online Launch treat Thursday afternoon ET.

According to the Orio website, the Giveaway ends on July 5, 2022, or whichever comes first when all 1,000 packs are claimed. In order to receive, you can send an email when an order arrives in person. For the official site, it is reachable at oreo.com/ritz.

A spokesperson for Mondelēz International said on Wednesday, that RITZ and OREO are always looking for ways to surprise fans. Both companies don’t stop talking about unique product innovations. They have seen some conversations in the community. And after a few tries, which were 12 to be exact, the companies found the right mix for the ultimate snack.

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