Oreo and Ritz Team up to Make RitzxOreo the Ultimate Sweet Salty Snack

Oreo Cookies and Ritz Crackers team up to create the ultimate snack collaboration. The snack will be one part Ritz, one part Oreo. The center will be held together by layers of peanut butter flavored cream and real Oreo cream. Honestly, it sounds like the best snack ever.

More fun? You will be able to get this exclusive collaboration box for shipping costs. On May 26 at 12 PM. To pick up your box, head over to Oreo.com/Ritz as soon as the clock strikes 12.

Alexis Yap who is senior brand manager for the Ritz made a statement regarding to this collab. For the past several years, the Ritz has been exploring innovative partnerships and experiences to build excitement around iconic shortbread cookies.

The company couldn’t turn down the opportunity to collaborate with friends at Oreos. They will make snack that was part cracker, part chocolate chip cookie, and all delicious. This is one collaboration that their fans don’t want to miss.

Since there are only 1,000 boxes available, this limited edition box is unlikely to last long. If this sounds like something you just tried, you might want to set a timer on your phone. So don’t miss the offer. The ultimate snack officially ends on July 5, if supplies last that long.

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