North Korea Launches 3 Missiles After Quad Curse

South Korean military announced that three ballistic missiles were launched from North Korea on Wednesday morning. The launch came after the United States, India, Japan, and also Australia. The countries called “Quad” condemned North Korea’s missile program. The Quad pledged to themselves for a free and open Indo-Pacific that is inclusive and resilient.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that the first missile was fired towards waters near the east coast of North Korea. The Japanese coast guard confirmed that an unidentified missile had been launched.

However, within an hour, additional launches of unknown ballistic missiles to the north and east. A total of three missiles were launched between 6 AM and 6:42 AM from the Sunan area of ​​Pyongyang.

It will be Pyongyang’s 17th missile test in 2022 as US President Joe Biden leaves Japan to return to Washington, after a five-day trip to Asia. Prior to departing, Biden and his Quad colleagues issued a joint statement about their role in the future of the region the US has dubbed the Indo-Pacific.

The White House has warned North Korea may conduct missile tests during or after Biden’s visit. The government in Seoul also announced it had developed a plan in case Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test.

North Korea is currently dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, with the military brought in to help deal with the situation. The separation of the Korean peninsula after its liberation from Japan sparked a war between the US-backed Communist North and South in 1950. The conflict extends to drag the US and China. The war was then frozen by the armistice of 1953.

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