New Champion Bel’veth in League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends has confirmed the arrival of BelVeth and the release date and abilities for the new LoL Champions may have leaked.

A new cinematic trailer has been released for the upcoming character. We’ve known for a long time that she’s coming thanks to the 2022 roadmap that depicts her as the new empress to bow down to. She is called the Empress of the Void for a reason because everything about her looks amazing so far.

It has been rumored since eight years ago, a champion named Bel’veth has finally materialized. Through the League of Legends YouTube channel they showed this female champion. Bel’veth is a female Void Beast or a beast with Void powers. In addition to its terrifying strength, Bel’veth’s appearance is also frightening and looks like a stingray.

In the video trailer that Riot Games uploaded they only show the appearance of this new champion and have not explained the skills that Bel’veth has. The leaked release date for the new League of Legends Champion Bel’Veth is June 8/9 depending on the region. Judging by the patch schedule, this means he will be part of the 12.11 update.

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