NC Republican Party Primary Candidates and the Results

North Carolina (NC) government held a primary election on May 17 2022. The primary election here is an election where the voters who are eligible select a reliable candidate, in which they believe to be the political party’s candidate for elected office to organize the general election based on law. There will be also convention delegates and part leaders to be chosen as well. Due to the election day, the NC Republican Party Primary Candidates chosen.

This year election is whether the court remains the majority of Democrat or challenged by Republican control. The Democratic Party was lead by Cheri Beasley with total votes of 497,2988 which takes 81.1% from the overall votes. Meanwhile, the Republican Primay was lead by Tedd Budd. With the election held for the Republican Primary among 759,188  voters, the result shows:

  • Ted Budd leads with 444,862 votes which takes +58.6% from the overall vote
  • Pat McCrory got 186,599 which takes +24.6%
  • Mark Walker got 70,102 which takes +9.2%
  • Marjorie Eastman got 22,276 which takes +2.9%
  • David Flaherty got 7,182 whcih takes +0.9%
  • Kenneth Harper got 7,070 which takes +0.9%
  • Jen Banwart got 3,049 which takes +0.4%
  • Charles Moss got 2,900 which takes +0.4%
  • Leonard Bryant got 2,875 which takes +0.4%
  • Benjamin Griffiths got 2,828 which takes +0.4%
  • Debora Tshiovo got 2,707 which takes +0.4%
  • Lee Brian got 2,553 which takes +0.3%
  • Lichia Sibhatu got 2,182 which takes +0.3%
  • Drew Bulecza got 2,003 which takes +0.3%

North Carolina election shows that Republicans are challenging for open US Senate seat based on Tuesday primary. The candidates give hope to give the government a shot of veto-proof majorities for the future Legislators.

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