Monstrous Fire Annihilates Ocean Side Inn in Boothbay Harbor

Wiscasset Deputy Fire Chief John Merry reported that the fire happened around 2030 WIB. at the Beach Cove Waterfront Inn. An ocean side lodging in Boothbay Harbor burst into flames Monday night. And firemen from different urban communities answered.

The fire was seen radiating from the Beach Cove Waterfront Inn, a huge two-story working at 48 Lakeview Road in West Harbor Pond, as per Wiscasset Deputy Fire Chief John Merry, whose division was one of a few that answered.

Maine Central Power Company announced that in excess of 2,000 supporters in Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport were blackouts as of 10:10 PM. The biggest blackouts centralization happened on McKown Street, Lakeview Road, and McFarland Point Drive.

Andrew Payson of Southport, around five miles from the fire. He went to the hotel and took photographs showing the whole structure ablaze.

From her home in Boothbay Harbor, Sharon Wood said she heard an uproarious banging sound that endured almost a moment. At the same time, fire and smoke transcended the timberline somewhere far off. Very much like the inhabitants of different areas, she briefly lost power.

A dispatcher from the Lincoln Area Communications Center said late Monday that no wounds had been accounted for. He said 11 local groups of fire-fighters answered the flames, some giving inclusion to stations. The fire was generally taken care of by 10:30 PM. But the teams would stay on the scene.

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