Monkeypox Widespread in Europe, How Dangerous Is It?

Various countries in Europe and America continue to report cases of the monkeypox virus. Recently, Sweden reported the first case of monkeypox after England, Spain, Portugal, the United States and Canada first reported these findings.

The Swedish government has reported that a person in Stockholm has been infected with monkeypox. Swedish Health Agency said that one person in the Stockholm area has been confirmed to be infected with monkeypox. The person is not seriously ill but is still receiving treatment. Even so, an investigation is still being carried out to investigate the origin of the person exposed.

Klara Sonden, an infectious disease doctor and investigator at the Swedish Health Service stated that they still don’t know where the person was infected. An investigation is currently underway. And investigating whether there are other cases in Sweden.

Another country in Europe that has reported cases of monkeypox is Italy. A young boy was infected with monkeypox after traveling from the Canary Islands, Spain. Then, France also reported a suspected monkeypox case on 19 May 2022.

Due to the growing distribution of monkeypox cases, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said on Thursday this week it would publish its first risk assessment report sometime next week.

The EU agency also spoke out that this situation should be monitored closely. The agency also recommended that suspected cases should be isolated and tested and notified immediately.

Britain became the first country to report cases of monkeypox in early May 2022. Then, on Wednesday this week, the country reported that there had been nine confirmed cases of monkeypox. Then, on Wednesday this week, countries such as Spain, Portugal, Canada, the US reported confirmed cases of monkeypox.

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