History behind World Turtle Day on Every May 23

Turtles and tortoises are marine reptile species that are getting closer to the threat of extinction. This threat comes from various problems of environmental destruction that are increasingly widespread. The number of hunting animals in a cruel way, to the act of taking turtle eggs and turtles for profit purposes.

Indirectly, human activities are the main reason why many fauna are threatened with extinction. If left unchecked, this human behavior and activity will have an increasingly widespread environmental impact. It is not impossible, if the problem of extinction is getting more and more inevitable.

Fortunately, there are various environmental and animal care organizations that have started to raise public awareness of the importance of this issue. One of them is the American Tortoise Rescue organization which establishes the commemoration of World Tortoise and Turtle Day, to spread a campaign to save the turtle and turtle population in the world. The whole world celebrates World Tortoise and Turtle Day every 23 May on a regular basis.

History of World Tortoise and Turtle Day

Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson, a husband and wife, founded the organization American Tortouse Rescue. They realized that since 1990, turtle and turtle populations around the world are in the threat of extinction.

There are various factors that cause this extinction. Ranging from environmental damage and danger, hunting in a cruel way, to the taking of turtle eggs and turtles for human benefit. Later, Tellem and Thomson raised this issue on an international platform. They plan to spread awareness about the conservation of various species of turtles and also tortoises around the world.

Since that, the World Turtle Day was formed which was celebrated for the first time on 23 May 2000. This day is celebrated every year on the same date with different themes. The goal is to increase public awareness to help save the turtle and turtle population from the risk of extinction.

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