Former Teacher’s Assistant Arrested After Confessing Having Sex With 3 Students

Monica Sanchez, a former teacher’s assistant in Texas was arrested and lost her job after confessing to having sex with three students. A Kilgore detective reported that the investigation began when the attacks were reported on May 12. The detective wrote that he was told that 21-year-old Monica Sanchez had sex with multiple students at Kilgore High School.

According to authorities, Monica Sanchez has been working at the school as a teacher’s assistant since August 2020. According to affidavits, detectives interviewed three students.

One of the students she spoke with was 18 years old and a third year of high school. He told the detective that he met Sanchez at school. They exchanged inappropriate images and had a physical relationship.

The detective said Sanchez admitted to him that she had a relationship with the student in January 2022. And he confirmed what she said. According to the affidavit, Sanchez told detectives that she had inappropriate relationships with another 18-year-old student in March 2022. She also did the same with a 15-year-old student in September 2021.

Authorities say Sanchez was charged on May 14. He has been charged with three serious counts. First for having an inappropriate relationship between an educator and a child. One count of assault causing bodily injury. And one count of sexual assault on a child. School officials confirmed that Sanchez was no longer an employee of the district.

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