Final score: New York Mets 13, Giants 3, Peterson the Giants Slayer

The Mets started their series against the San Fransisco Giants on the right foot, securing the victory in San Francisco. They went in 13 runs against the Giants, with two ground rules from Francisco Lindor and three from Pete Alonso hitting power in a big third inning for the Mets. A double J.D.

Davis added another run in the sixth, a pair of back-to-back home runs by Jeff McNeil and Mark Canha and two RBIs by Patrick Mazeika opened the game for the New York Mets. In the ninth, Escobar hit a two-run double off Luis Gonzalez and Davis hit the ball beyond the infield for an RBI single.

David Peterson started for the Mets, and he had another terrific performance, batting six innings, allowing only three hits, two runs and six strikes while allowing just one move. Colin Holderman, despite pitching most of his early innings with a bloody thumb, pitched two scoreless innings, allowing only one hit while he attacked two.

Chasen Shreve at first having trouble allowing the first two batters to get on base. Came out of the winning, Shreve finally got just one hit and secured the victory in the first game of the series in San Francisco.

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