Carnival Cruise Line: Cruise Ship Catches Fire, Passengers Trapped

A Carnival Cruise Line ship caught fire Thursday morning while docking in Grand Turk. The accident got the passengers trapped until other ships on rescue missions this weekend. At first, Carnival Freedom departed Port Canaveral in Central Florida on Monday for a five-day cruise. It was aboard the Turks and Caicos Islands cruise ship when fire began to burn in the ship’s distinctive red, white and blue funnel. And it was ¬†shaped like a whale’s tail.

Carnival stated that at 8:45 AM, the ship’s emergency team quickly extinguished the fire. The Miami-based operator stated that all 2,504 guests and 972 crew members were all safe. Passengers can leave the ship to spend the day on the Grand Turk.

The cause of the fire was unclear and the cruise line did not say how much damage it caused. However, Carnival confirmed that all ships, hotels, and all guest services are fully operational. After an initial assessment of the damage, the ship would go to Freeport, Bahamas, for repairs.

The fire and its aftermath are a far cry from the infamous 2013 Triumph Carnival fire. It started in the engine room while the ship was at sea. In this case, the ship loose power and moved away. This is known as a land cruise because of the waste disposal problem that occurs when a ship with thousands of people on board loses power.

The next Carnival Freedom cruise scheduled for Saturday. It will depart from Port Canaveral. But now, it has been cancelled following this accident. Passengers will remain on board while a sister ship. Carnival Conquest heads to Grand Turk from Miami to pick up passengers and return them to Port Canaveral on Monday.

Not only that, the ship’s next trip scheduled to leave on Friday was also cancelled. Conquest’s next trip, which was due to leave Miami on Monday, will leave on Tuesday.

Carnival apologized to all guests. They also expressed special thanks to the crew who handled the situation on board effectively and in accordance with safety protocols.

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