Carbon Monoxide Killed 3 Americans at Sandals Resort in Bahamas

Three Americans are believed to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning at a resort in the Bahamas earlier this month. Michael Phillips, 68, and his wife Robbie, 65, who lived in Tennessee, died May 7 at their villa at the luxury Chandels Emerald Bay Resort.

Vincent Sierrella, 64, from the villa next door; He was on his way to the Bahamas with his wife Tonis when he was found alive in bed and rushed to hospital, where he was flown to Florida.

An autopsy and toxicology report completed this month showed that all three died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Guard of Nassau. The families of the victims have asked a private pathologist to perform a separate autopsy, Health Secretary Michael Darville told reporters last week.

According to Bahamas Police Commissioner Paul Roll, forensic evidence and samples were collected from where the victims were found. Authorities said the victims lived in the same building, but in different villas, in the same resort. Authorities said there were no signs of injuries on their bodies.

Earlier, Mr Roll said Ciarella and Phillips were unwell on Thursday night and were receiving medical treatment before returning to their rooms. They are all treated at different times and they eat in different places.

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