Atlanta Hawks as Top Applicants for Former All-Star Worth $78 Million in FA

The Atlanta Hawks may choose to lean on their strengths instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead of trying to set up a defense around Trae Young, they could choose to load up a proper offense around him. This is not the first time we have seen a team try to outplay their opponent in a penalty shootout every night.

Last season, they boasted an offensive rating second in the NBA, according to Clean Glass. But his defensive rating is only 26.

However, in the playoffs, the Miami Heat were able to easily neutralize the offense. They have the average 113.9 points for each game in the regular season. The Hawks averaged just 97.4 points in the postseason, trailing only the Chicago Bulls. But they have also lost five games.

Interestingly, it was Bulls goalie Zach LaVine who the Hawks were able to look for what they were looking for. Atlanta Hawks hoped to meet Bulls guard Zach Lavine in free agency.

Some teams outside of Chicago can offer LaVine both top salary and the role of alpha dog tester. It is said to be coveted. But, the option to sign and trade can take him to several destinations.  Atlanta and Portland are the most cited as LaVine’s main suitors.

This is a complete alert of four alarms. Especially considering the current state of the Hawks’ hat. They are currently projected to be about $17.2 million above the tax line next season. They have ways to get what they want but they’ll still ache for the royal hat room.

Acquiring LaVine would require signing and negotiating, as Fischer points out. The Hawks were able to put together one of the most interesting.

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