Andrew Fletcher, Keyboardist and Founder of the Band Depeche Mode Dies

Keyboardist for British electronic band named Depeche Mode, Andrew Fletcher, has died at 60 years old. Fletcher passed away at his home because of sickness. Fletcher was brought into the world in 1961 in Nottingham. Later, he moved to Basildon and shaped a band called Composition Of Sound. And it happened during the 1970s, alongside Martin Gore and Vince Clarke. Then the band enrolled performer Dave Gahan and changed the band’s name to Depeche Mode.

Fletch was associated with the whole Depeche Mode collection. With Fletch out of the picture, Depeche Mode’s Gahan and Gore were left. The band has sold in excess of 100 million collections since it began in 1980. It can be said, the group was prevailing upon a worldwide audience with hits, including Just Can’t Get Enough.

Depeche Mode won with a series of hits during the 1980s and mid 1990s. At first, he became inseparable from danceable synthpop. However, at that point, he continuously embraced a hazier sound. The band’s last studio collection was Spirit that was turned out in 2017.

In a meeting with AFP in front of its delivery, Depeche Mode said it was pleased to have drawn in audience members of different sorts. They are including rock fans who might have seldom ventured into a dance club.

Individual craftsmen grieved the artist online on Thursday. Haha Tolhurst, drummer for The Cure, said it was exceptionally miserable information. Andrew Fletcher currently had a spouse and two kids.

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