A Massive Dust-Filled Tornado Dazzled Storm Chasers in Lubbock Texas

Surprising storm chasers, a giant, dust-packed tornado swirled through rural Northwest Texas on Monday. A large wedge-shaped funnel formed near Morton, about 50 miles west of Lubbock, just before 7 PM. The storm chasers circled a dark, wide, menacing vortex, collecting images from multiple angles.

Many do not believe. Hitting the open countryside, the National Weather Service did not report any damage from the cyclone.

About 20 million people in Texas are at risk of a severe thunderstorm on Tuesday, according to the Weather Service’s Hurricane Prediction Center. Dallas is in a level 3 out of 5 hazard zone for a severe storm, while Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Lubbock are in a level 2 hazard area.

The Storm Prediction Center wrote that many thunderstorms are forecast from west-central Texas to the ArkLaMiss region. Some of which will produce hail, destructive winds and multiple tornadoes.

The storm triggered by a developing system in the Southern Plains. And it will drag a cold front across Texas Tuesday night. Multiple storms are expected to erupt across West and Central Texas Tuesday night before sweeping through East Texas overnight.

The storm risk, while somewhat moderate. The disaster will move from the central Gulf Coast states north to southern Wisconsin and Michigan as well on Wednesday.

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