8 Tornadoes Revealed Monday on South Plains, 2 Almost A Mile Wide

A long-track supercell tempest Monday, May 23, created eight affirmed tornadoes beginning not long before 7 PM. And according to the National Weather Service The disaster finished not long before 9 PM.

Two of the tornadoes are evaluated EF-2 and were almost a mile wide. However it was a near calamity to various towns, the twisters stayed away from these networks. No wounds were accounted for. They were affirmed in Bailey, Cochran, and Hockley Counties, toward the west of Lubbock.

The first tornado was near the Cochran County and Bailey County line that was northwest of Morton. This was a concise, needle-like tornado that became downpour wrapped. There was no harm noticed and announced. This tornado went on around five minutes. It happened from 6:50 PM until 6:55 PM with the obscure rating. It was on the ground for one mile.

The second tornado began at 7:03 p.m. straightforwardly north of Morton, near the region line. This tornado was evaluated an EF-2. It assessed top breeze around 120 miles each hour. It was on the ground for 15 minutes and, at its pinnacle, was almost a mile wide. It was on the ground for multiple miles. The tornado width might have been more extensive. It is depicted as a wide, dusty, wedge tornado.

Another tornado shaped only east of where the subsequent tornado framed five minutes before the EF-2 tornado scattered. This was a little tornado with an obscure EF rating and obscure width. It was on the ground for about a mile, yet it went on around nine minutes. No harm was accounted for with this tornado.

Then in Northwest Hockley County at 8:06 PM, an EF-0 tornado was seen in an open field. Wooden power poles were blown down at the crossing point of FM 597 and FM 303. It was two miles south of Pep. The way length was almost two miles. The assessed top breezes were accounted for at 85 miles each hour.

The 6th tornado of the night shaped at 8:28 p.m. around five miles upper east of Whiteface in Hockley County. The EF rating is obscure. However the way was around one mile, a little fleeting tornado.

Another little, fleeting tornado shaped in a similar region. It was on the ground for about a half-mile and gone on around two minutes.

The eighth tornado, an EF-2, began at 8:40 PM four miles east-upper east of Whiteface in Hockley County. This almost mile-wide tornado left a way of almost 8.5 miles with top breezes of 120 miles each hour. This was bigger than the principal EF-2 tornado.

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