How to Get An FBA Calculator for Free

created on 2020, Feb, 25

Looking for a free FBA Calculator? Here is a list of 7 free calculator tools to help you grow and manage your Amazon costs easier and faster.

Why would one even need an FBA Calculator? Selling on Amazon involves several types of fees and costs. All these numbers can be messed up and miscalculated in different ways. The result of that is that you can make less money than you would have likes and even worse it may lead to losing money. Calculating how profitable you are is one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon and this is exactly where you need the FBA Amazon calculator. Finding and using such a tool is critical.

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FBA Calculator Tools

Here is a list of 5 FBA Calculator tools that you can refer to and use for your Amazon business

IO Scout FBA Calculator

IO Scout provide completely free FBA revenue calculator offer great functionality, excellent resources and content. The FBA Calculator is among the free options they have to offer.

Jungle Scout FBA Calculator

JungleScout is already popular among Amazon sellers. The great thing about the tool is that users can customize the data however they want. The disadvantage is that since the file is downloadable, over time the fees will change and the numbers will get inaccurate.

Viral Launch FBA Calculator

Viral Launch is another popular tool among Amazon sellers. They are a direct competitor to JungleScout and their tool allows users to calculate profits in three different ASINs.

AMZScout FBA Calculator

This FBA profit Calculator can be used in two different ways: on the website and through the Amazon FBA calculator extension. Both tools are free, easy to use and give a quick estimate of the final costs. You can calculate whatever you need with two clicks.


SellerPrime also has an FBA calculator for Amazon. It offers more than just a calculator but a ton of useful information and steps to take you through the product costs, storage, samples, maintenance, fees and more. SellerPrime also has an Amazon FBA calculator Chrome extension that lets you do everything without leaving your browser. Plus, the calculator comes with a 7-day trial period.


This Amazon FBA fee calculator doesn’t have a very clean design and you need to enter the data manually. It’s free but compared to Viral Launch or other tools from this list it can be quite time-consuming. Still, a good option if you are looking for a free Amazon calculator tool.


This is a free extension for Chrome that can be used on single or multiple products by uploading your list directly.

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As an Amazon seller, you already have different costs, a big part of them comes from the tools and software you are using for your business. The Amazon FBA Calculator is an important tool to have but you don’t need to add more expenses when you can get it for free. And you can get it for free. In fact, there are great tools out there that have already proven to do a great job at calculating your Amazon fees and profits.

How to Use Amazon FBA Calculator

Amazon has its own FBA calculator for the different countries and marketplaces. If you decide to use that tool which is the same for whichever country you are selling in, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the product page on Amazon
  2. Go to the calculator and enter the different costs – per unit, per item and shipping.
  3. Choose to calculate and wait to see the breakdown of costs for this product. If you will be shipping the item yourself, there is such an option in the calculator too. You can also enter other costs, like packaging, shipping options and more. This way you can calculate, compare and decide which method is the most-effective FBM or FBA.


These are some of the most popular and used Amazon FBA calculators. However, if you are looking for something more sophisticated there are other options as well but they are paid and much more professional. Tactical Arbitrage and RevSeller are two of the biggest and most popular tools. These can do much more than just calculate fees but many sellers use them as their default calculators.

Keep in mind that not all Amazon Fee Calculators are accurate. Even Amazon’s own calculator warns that the data may not be 100% reliable.


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