What to Know about Amazon Brand Registry

created on 2020, Mar, 4

I know this may find you as a surprise, but some Amazon selling tools that get considered as the most effective can only be accessed by users that are listed with Amazon Brand Registry. You might not be willing to get brand registration because you will spend some extra money and time, but I think it the best option since it will give you an advantage over the competitors.

You might have registered to certain programs like the Amazon FBA to help you increase your product sales. Although the scheme has proven to be effective, you might have encountered different challenges that stop you from promoting your product effectively. In such a situation, the Amazon Brand Registry will come in handy and ensure that everything runs efficiently.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

It is a program created by Amazon so that its users can easily enroll their brand with the platform and get allowed to have full control of their brand and allowed to use advanced marketing features. When you get listed as a member of the program, you will easily access powerful analytical tools that will protect your business trademark, which includes predictive automation, image search and propriety search.

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If you are thinking about opening a seller account, I would advise you to read the complete guide to Amazon seller control. However, if you are on the process of searching for information concerning Amazon items and how to be a prosperous seller, you should consider the brand registry.

Become a Brand Owner

You get considered as a brand owner when you get allowed to sell items with a listed trademark. Everyone is allowed to create their brand, but you will require a trademark for your item before you apply for the Amazon brand registry. Your product can get a trademark after you create a unique logo, then file for a particular class of trademark and finally hiring a trademark lawyer who will file a trademark request for you. You may wait for nearly a year before your trademark application is approved.

When you complete your amazon brand registry requirements, it will get approved within two weeks since application. Ensure that you have submitted all the requirements, and you should keep in mind the brand that you are registering has listed trademark in every nation that you want to enroll.

Benefits of Brand Registry

The concept of the program has been on Amazon for a long time in diverse arrangements. But in 2017, the program was refurbished in a way that it assists trademarks in protecting how their items get listed by allowing them to access advanced analytical tools for listing optimization. The brand registry ensures that all the fake items being marketed on Amazon get eliminated.

It is essential to register for this program because it will protect your trademark at the same time, ensuring buyers trust your items and services.

Here are the primary reasons to register on the scheme:

  • No Product Hijack

Most sellers fear that some random vendors might highjack the items under their brand. However, with the Amazon registry, you will be given the sole possession of the “Amazon buy box.” In case someone else tries to sell your brand product, you can message the support team, and they will ensure the product is eliminated from the listing.

  •   Have full control of Item Listings

As a normal vendor on amazon, you are subjected to many Amazon algorithmic restrictions. But with the Amazon registry, you are given full control over product title, description, and image. Moreover, you fully control your ID usage rather than EANs and UPCs.

  • Wide Access to Who Sells a Brand

The scheme decides on who to vend branded Items. The sellers who qualify to sell branded items include the ones who manufacture their products, have their item under their brand name, and are private label owners and the ones that have the authority to distribute items with Amazon trademark.

Final Words

You can easily use the Amazon brand registry to your benefit by reaching your buyers effectively. You need to understand better your customers’ metrics and use the program when making important decisions. If you have read the above information, you have a clear image of how the scheme works and decide if it is worth joining. 



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