AMZScout Review

2020, Mar, 9

Selling products on Amazon can be quite a thrilling experience. However, there are some essential points to note if you want to be successful at selling on Amazon. Amazon has become a diverse market place; with sellers from all over the world. This makes the competition on the platform quite fierce.

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Running a business on Amazon, thereby requires getting all the tools and software that would give you an edge in the competition. Interestingly, there are several tools available for this. AMZScout is one of these tools.

Product research tools like AMZScout does not only offer the upper hand in sales; it also helps get the information you need to continue making the best decisions for your business.

This article, however, helps to highlight some of the features of AMZScout to look out for.

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is currently one of the popular tools used by Amazon sellers to obtain information and get the right insights for their business on Amazon. Apart from gaining insights on Amazon, AMZScout FBA calculator also allows Amazon sellers to calculate their expected gains on their sales. 

AMZScout comes as a web app and a Chrome extension. The AMZScout web app allows access to all the features of the app while the AMZScout Chrome extension lets users use some of the features of the app on product pages.

Also, considering that AMZScout is used primarily to improve sales, AMZScout also helps you analyze current product listings and the estimated sales for all your products monthly. You can also get information on FBA ratings and fees with AMZScout.

AMZScout as Chrome Extension & Web Application

AMZScout is currently available as both a Chrome extension and a web application. Both offer the features of AMZScout. However, while the Chrome extension brings data needed in real-time and offers users basic functionality, the web applications is a lot more comprehensive, and it offers a broader range of features and functions.

Also, sellers are not required to open the Amazon website when using the web app. This is mainly because the app can access the information you need directly. You might, however, need to open the Amazon website when using the Chrome extension.

AMZScout Tools

Some of the tools offered by AMZScout include;

1.     AMZScout Product Searches

With this tool, sellers can find out which products have the highest demand in the Amazon market. To make this information more comprehensive, sellers can choose to view these products based on timeframes. This makes it easy to track products that usually have better sales during specific periods.

2.     AMZScout Estimated Sales

The AMZScout Estimated Sales tool also helps predict the number of sales of a product over a period. This information can be used to make decisions on whether to go ahead with selling that product or not.

3.     Fulfilment by Amazon Fees

FBA fees constitute a significant part of selling on Amazon as they ultimately form part of your selling cost. The AMZScout helps calculate these fees and make it easier to see what your expected profit is at the end of the sale.

4.     AMZScout Product Tracker

Considering the high amount of competition in the Amazon seller space, it is crucial to find ways to continually stay ahead of your competitors. The product tracker tool helps you keep tabs of your competitor’s products and sales.

5.     AMZScout Keyword Research Tool

Another vital part of getting your product to your target market on Amazon is using the right keywords. With the keyword research tool, you can look out for popular keywords to use in making your products more visible to the potential buyers.

6.     Supplier Information

Also, trying to get high-quality products to sell on Amazon can sometimes be more complicated than it seems. However, with AMZScout, getting the information you need to be sure about a supplier is no longer a problem.

AMZScout Pricing

Just like most other tools and software, the cost of using AMZScout depends largely on the number of features you’d be using. Some sellers might not require all the functions of AMZScout.

For users who are just starting out with the product, it is safe to start with the monthly package, which is currently priced at $44.99 per month. This package offers the complete functionality of AMZScout for a month.

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The AMZScout Pro annual and lifetime packages cost $149 and $399 respectively. For new users, there is a 7-day free trial period to get familiar with the tool before making purchases. AMZScout web app packages also come in three levels; Basic, Start, and Business.

AMZScout is a fantastic tool for Amazon sellers. A lot of sellers would find its tools essential to running successful businesses on Amazon.


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