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2020, Mar, 1

  Nowadays, the competition among Amazon FBA sellers is pretty fierce! According to the statistics, there are over three million sellers in the USA on Amazon, and this number is growing every day 

It's a thin line between success and failure, so sellers use every single helpful tool they can find in order to raise their tradings. 

One of the most useful tools is a sales estimator, as this tool is showing you which products are most profitable to sell. For instance, you are thinking about selling a fiction novel, but you don't know if that trade is profitable. Amazon's sales calculator will show you a rough number of sales, based on ranking and historical data. The information you get doesn't guarantee successful sales, but it will help you decide which products are worth investing in for a bigger profit.

Amazon Rank and BSR Explained

  The Amazon's rank  is actually the rank about how good, or bad, is the particular product selling among other competitive products in the same category. This information is helping you understand which product is popular and most profitable. 

  Amazon BSR  or best seller rank is a rank that has been assigned to Amazon products based on their purchases compared to the rest of the products under the same category within a given time frame. You can access to product's BSR by heading to its product description on Amazon.

What is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

  Amazon is an enormous marketplace with countless products and millions of sellers worldwide. The competition is hefty, and sellers need to find products with the highest sales volume and profit rates in order to succeed. When you have the information if the product's sale volume is high or not, you can easily decide whether to sell it on Amazon or not. Try IO Scout chrome extension for Amazon and find your bestseller. The sales estimator will also help you to increase your sales by comparing your products with the competitor's items. There are many sales estimators for Amazon sellers available through web platforms. You just need to choose the one that is convenient for you, fill in the product's category, and the ranking of the product so that the platform can extract the average sales volume for your chosen product.

Top Amazon Sales Estimators For Amazon FBA Sellers

IO Scout

Is one of the best Amazon Seller's websites. IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator is supporting several marketplaces besides the USA, such as Canada, UK, India, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. Amazon's Sales rank estimated data is probably most reliable for the USA marketplace, but it's working just fine for the others as well. This Amazon sales rank estimator assures accurate and reliable data on monthly sales volume for products, with great customer reviews!

Sales Estimator

Jungle Scout 

This platform gives you instant access to the sales rank and sales data of countless products, absolutely free. Since it's giving you a rough idea about the sales, hence, the name estimator. You'll have to add information about the sales rank you want to collect sales data about, the marketplace and the product's category. The result will give you an estimated sales rank on Amazon and average monthly sales data so you can decide whether this particular product is worth investing in for a better profit.

amazon sales calculator

AMZ Scout

Is pretty straightforward to use! This Amazon's sales ranking estimator is calculating the product's ranking on its current sales ranking and history data. There are detailed options for products of each category, and after you fill in all of the information, you will be presented with the average sales approximations.

fba amazon calculator


Is one of the most accurate and reliable sales estimators! It's a bit pricey, but it's a great deal when it comes to the price and quality ratio. One of the most valuable features this sales volume calculator has is the ability to find the products you are selling and their worth on other marketplaces, such as Alibaba, the second largest online marketplace worldwide! You can purchase their excellent features with a one-time payment of $147, followed by $10 per month. Other features besides sales rank estimator, will also be included in this offer, such as UPC bar code scanner, instant net payout, imports of ASINs and UPCS, profit calculator, etc.

amazon sales rank calculator


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