Honest Jungle Scout Review

created on 2020, Mar, 12

If you are selling on Amazon you have probably heard about Jungle Scout. Especially if you are a beginner you are also probably wondering if it is worth it to invest in Jungle Scout.

In this Jungle Scout review we will cover everything you need to know about the tool, how to use it and how to benefit from it.

Jungle Scout has been a game changer for many Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs. It has helped in building successful stores and it might help you too. Let’s dive into this guide and see exactly how to Jungle Scout works.

jungle scout

What is Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is a great Amazon tool that helps sellers with most of the important tasks related to their business. They include finding winning products, researching keywords, estimating sales, spying on competitors and so much more. The dashboard is simple and easy-to-use which makes this tool a good choice.

It shows what products will be most successful and profitable in an instant which helps a lot with growing your business. Product research is one of the most important factors for success in a highly competitive marketplace. Instead of spending hours and hours collecting data or relying on your intuition, Jungle Scout does everything for you.

IO Scout is the Best Jungle Scout Alternative

IO Scout Amazon provide a Free FBA Calculator to calculate product revenue and Amazon fees. IO Scout present bsr calculator free trial! Also, IO Scout provide Free BSR Calculator.

Jungle Scout Features

Creating a successful Amazon business doesn’t happen overnight. Profitability is hard to achieve, so you need to be very patient. But in the short-term, power and speed are the most important factors. The whole idea behind the tool is to save time now, but work for your long term success.

Why is this tool so important and valuable? Here are the top most important features that make it stand out from all the other options out there.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter is a great feature for product research geeks. It lets sellers identify profitable niches and get ideas about products and keywords. You need to set the parameters of the tool and it will show you a list of keyword ideas and niches to explore. From this point every user can dig deeper into the information about the most popular products in every niche and make decisions based on the data. The information from this feature gives an idea of how profitable a category or niche is before spending any money or time on it.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker 

With this feature sellers are able to see the entire sales history of a product. You instantly get information like rating, fees, sales trends and average price. The product tracker gives a real-time picture of the product sales history.

If you want to get an idea of how a product has been doing and see if it has the potential to be the next big thing, the product tracker will give you this information. With this feature you can have a more data-driven approach to research deeper and make decisions. Keep in mind that there is a lot that goes into finding a great product, and although the Jungle Scout Product Tracker is a very good tool, it doesn’t give a lot of context.

Jungle Scout Product Database 

Jungle Scout has a massive database of millions of products. The best part is that it has preset filters that help you analyze this huge list of products. There is a ton of useful information in this database like an international marketplace, product ranking, profit calculator and more. You just pick the criteria you are looking for and in seconds you will get results. This Jungle Scout feature is really helpful.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout  

Using the right keywords is vital for your success on Amazon. It is critical to know that people are searching for your product and they are able to find it. This means your listings need to be optimized to match these keywords. In the past finding the right keywords was more of a trial and error exercise, but now there are tools that can help make this process much more efficient.

 The Jungle Scout keyword tool gives a ton of helpful information about niche keywords, their relevancy, product ranking and so much more.

Amazon Jungle Scout Pricing

 Jungle Scout pricing can be quite confusing at first. Sellers can choose between the Jungle Scout extension, the Jungle Scout web app and the combo package. The price is different depending on the payment period which can be yearly or monthly. The pricing is also based on the number of confirmed monthly orders. Check out their pricing page for more pricing plans and information; also make sure you try the Jungle Scout free trial to get a feeling of how the tool works. Check Amazon IO Scout pricing plans, get IO Scout discount up to 62,5% on monthly subscription.

  Jungle Scout Review Conclusion

 Finding winning products is one of the most important aspects of a successful Amazon business. Jungle Scout is a tool that takes care of this and helps sellers get access to data like competition, keywords, product history, profit calculator and more and all of that at a very good price. To sum it up - Jungle Scout is definitely worth the investment.

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AMZScout Review

created on 2020, Mar, 9

Selling products on Amazon can be quite a thrilling experience. However, there are some essential points to note if you want to be successful at selling on Amazon. Amazon has become a diverse market place; with sellers from all over the world. This makes the competition on the platform quite fierce.

amzscout pro

Running a business on Amazon, thereby requires getting all the tools and software that would give you an edge in the competition. Interestingly, there are several tools available for this. AMZScout is one of these tools.

Product research tools like AMZScout does not only offer the upper hand in sales; it also helps get the information you need to continue making the best decisions for your business.

This article, however, helps to highlight some of the features of AMZScout to look out for.

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is currently one of the popular tools used by Amazon sellers to obtain information and get the right insights for their business on Amazon. Apart from gaining insights on Amazon, AMZScout FBA calculator also allows Amazon sellers to calculate their expected gains on their sales. 

AMZScout comes as a web app and a Chrome extension. The AMZScout web app allows access to all the features of the app while the AMZScout Chrome extension lets users use some of the features of the app on product pages.

Also, considering that AMZScout is used primarily to improve sales, AMZScout also helps you analyze current product listings and the estimated sales for all your products monthly. You can also get information on FBA ratings and fees with AMZScout.

AMZScout as Chrome Extension & Web Application

AMZScout is currently available as both a Chrome extension and a web application. Both offer the features of AMZScout. However, while the Chrome extension brings data needed in real-time and offers users basic functionality, the web applications is a lot more comprehensive, and it offers a broader range of features and functions.

Also, sellers are not required to open the Amazon website when using the web app. This is mainly because the app can access the information you need directly. You might, however, need to open the Amazon website when using the Chrome extension.

AMZScout Tools

Some of the tools offered by AMZScout include;

1.     AMZScout Product Searches

With this tool, sellers can find out which products have the highest demand in the Amazon market. To make this information more comprehensive, sellers can choose to view these products based on timeframes. This makes it easy to track products that usually have better sales during specific periods.

2.     AMZScout Estimated Sales

The AMZScout Estimated Sales tool also helps predict the number of sales of a product over a period. This information can be used to make decisions on whether to go ahead with selling that product or not.

3.     Fulfilment by Amazon Fees

FBA fees constitute a significant part of selling on Amazon as they ultimately form part of your selling cost. The AMZScout helps calculate these fees and make it easier to see what your expected profit is at the end of the sale.

4.     AMZScout Product Tracker

Considering the high amount of competition in the Amazon seller space, it is crucial to find ways to continually stay ahead of your competitors. The product tracker tool helps you keep tabs of your competitor’s products and sales.

5.     AMZScout Keyword Research Tool

Another vital part of getting your product to your target market on Amazon is using the right keywords. With the keyword research tool, you can look out for popular keywords to use in making your products more visible to the potential buyers.

6.     Supplier Information

Also, trying to get high-quality products to sell on Amazon can sometimes be more complicated than it seems. However, with AMZScout, getting the information you need to be sure about a supplier is no longer a problem.

AMZScout Pricing

Just like most other tools and software, the cost of using AMZScout depends largely on the number of features you’d be using. Some sellers might not require all the functions of AMZScout.

For users who are just starting out with the product, it is safe to start with the monthly package, which is currently priced at $44.99 per month. This package offers the complete functionality of AMZScout for a month.

amzscout fba calculator

The AMZScout Pro annual and lifetime packages cost $149 and $399 respectively. For new users, there is a 7-day free trial period to get familiar with the tool before making purchases. AMZScout web app packages also come in three levels; Basic, Start, and Business.

AMZScout is a fantastic tool for Amazon sellers. A lot of sellers would find its tools essential to running successful businesses on Amazon.

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What to Know about Amazon Brand Registry

created on 2020, Mar, 4

I know this may find you as a surprise, but some Amazon selling tools that get considered as the most effective can only be accessed by users that are listed with Amazon Brand Registry. You might not be willing to get brand registration because you will spend some extra money and time, but I think it the best option since it will give you an advantage over the competitors.

You might have registered to certain programs like the Amazon FBA to help you increase your product sales. Although the scheme has proven to be effective, you might have encountered different challenges that stop you from promoting your product effectively. In such a situation, the Amazon Brand Registry will come in handy and ensure that everything runs efficiently.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

It is a program created by Amazon so that its users can easily enroll their brand with the platform and get allowed to have full control of their brand and allowed to use advanced marketing features. When you get listed as a member of the program, you will easily access powerful analytical tools that will protect your business trademark, which includes predictive automation, image search and propriety search.

amazon brand registry 2.0

If you are thinking about opening a seller account, I would advise you to read the complete guide to Amazon seller control. However, if you are on the process of searching for information concerning Amazon items and how to be a prosperous seller, you should consider the brand registry.

Become a Brand Owner

You get considered as a brand owner when you get allowed to sell items with a listed trademark. Everyone is allowed to create their brand, but you will require a trademark for your item before you apply for the Amazon brand registry. Your product can get a trademark after you create a unique logo, then file for a particular class of trademark and finally hiring a trademark lawyer who will file a trademark request for you. You may wait for nearly a year before your trademark application is approved.

When you complete your amazon brand registry requirements, it will get approved within two weeks since application. Ensure that you have submitted all the requirements, and you should keep in mind the brand that you are registering has listed trademark in every nation that you want to enroll.

Benefits of Brand Registry

The concept of the program has been on Amazon for a long time in diverse arrangements. But in 2017, the program was refurbished in a way that it assists trademarks in protecting how their items get listed by allowing them to access advanced analytical tools for listing optimization. The brand registry ensures that all the fake items being marketed on Amazon get eliminated.

It is essential to register for this program because it will protect your trademark at the same time, ensuring buyers trust your items and services.

Here are the primary reasons to register on the scheme:

  • No Product Hijack

Most sellers fear that some random vendors might highjack the items under their brand. However, with the Amazon registry, you will be given the sole possession of the “Amazon buy box.” In case someone else tries to sell your brand product, you can message the support team, and they will ensure the product is eliminated from the listing.

  •   Have full control of Item Listings

As a normal vendor on amazon, you are subjected to many Amazon algorithmic restrictions. But with the Amazon registry, you are given full control over product title, description, and image. Moreover, you fully control your ID usage rather than EANs and UPCs.

  • Wide Access to Who Sells a Brand

The scheme decides on who to vend branded Items. The sellers who qualify to sell branded items include the ones who manufacture their products, have their item under their brand name, and are private label owners and the ones that have the authority to distribute items with Amazon trademark.

Final Words

You can easily use the Amazon brand registry to your benefit by reaching your buyers effectively. You need to understand better your customers’ metrics and use the program when making important decisions. If you have read the above information, you have a clear image of how the scheme works and decide if it is worth joining. 



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Amazon Sales Estimator - Predict Your Sales

created on 2020, Mar, 1

  Nowadays, the competition among Amazon FBA sellers is pretty fierce! According to the statistics, there are over three million sellers in the USA on Amazon, and this number is growing every day 

It's a thin line between success and failure, so sellers use every single helpful tool they can find in order to raise their tradings. 

One of the most useful tools is a sales estimator, as this tool is showing you which products are most profitable to sell. For instance, you are thinking about selling a fiction novel, but you don't know if that trade is profitable. Amazon's sales calculator will show you a rough number of sales, based on ranking and historical data. The information you get doesn't guarantee successful sales, but it will help you decide which products are worth investing in for a bigger profit.

Amazon Rank and BSR Explained

  The Amazon's rank  is actually the rank about how good, or bad, is the particular product selling among other competitive products in the same category. This information is helping you understand which product is popular and most profitable. 

  Amazon BSR  or best seller rank is a rank that has been assigned to Amazon products based on their purchases compared to the rest of the products under the same category within a given time frame. You can access to product's BSR by heading to its product description on Amazon.

What is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

  Amazon is an enormous marketplace with countless products and millions of sellers worldwide. The competition is hefty, and sellers need to find products with the highest sales volume and profit rates in order to succeed. When you have the information if the product's sale volume is high or not, you can easily decide whether to sell it on Amazon or not. Try IO Scout chrome extension for Amazon and find your bestseller. The sales estimator will also help you to increase your sales by comparing your products with the competitor's items. There are many sales estimators for Amazon sellers available through web platforms. You just need to choose the one that is convenient for you, fill in the product's category, and the ranking of the product so that the platform can extract the average sales volume for your chosen product.

Top Amazon Sales Estimators For Amazon FBA Sellers

IO Scout

Is one of the best Amazon Seller's websites. IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator is supporting several marketplaces besides the USA, such as Canada, UK, India, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and Spain. Amazon's Sales rank estimated data is probably most reliable for the USA marketplace, but it's working just fine for the others as well. This Amazon sales rank estimator assures accurate and reliable data on monthly sales volume for products, with great customer reviews!

Sales Estimator

Jungle Scout 

This platform gives you instant access to the sales rank and sales data of countless products, absolutely free. Since it's giving you a rough idea about the sales, hence, the name estimator. You'll have to add information about the sales rank you want to collect sales data about, the marketplace and the product's category. The result will give you an estimated sales rank on Amazon and average monthly sales data so you can decide whether this particular product is worth investing in for a better profit.

amazon sales calculator

AMZ Scout

Is pretty straightforward to use! This Amazon's sales ranking estimator is calculating the product's ranking on its current sales ranking and history data. There are detailed options for products of each category, and after you fill in all of the information, you will be presented with the average sales approximations.

fba amazon calculator


Is one of the most accurate and reliable sales estimators! It's a bit pricey, but it's a great deal when it comes to the price and quality ratio. One of the most valuable features this sales volume calculator has is the ability to find the products you are selling and their worth on other marketplaces, such as Alibaba, the second largest online marketplace worldwide! You can purchase their excellent features with a one-time payment of $147, followed by $10 per month. Other features besides sales rank estimator, will also be included in this offer, such as UPC bar code scanner, instant net payout, imports of ASINs and UPCS, profit calculator, etc.

amazon sales rank calculator

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How to Get An FBA Calculator for Free

created on 2020, Feb, 25

Looking for a free FBA Calculator? Here is a list of 7 free calculator tools to help you grow and manage your Amazon costs easier and faster.

Why would one even need an FBA Calculator? Selling on Amazon involves several types of fees and costs. All these numbers can be messed up and miscalculated in different ways. The result of that is that you can make less money than you would have likes and even worse it may lead to losing money. Calculating how profitable you are is one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon and this is exactly where you need the FBA Amazon calculator. Finding and using such a tool is critical.

fba revenue calculator

FBA Calculator Tools

Here is a list of 5 FBA Calculator tools that you can refer to and use for your Amazon business

IO Scout FBA Calculator

IO Scout provide completely free FBA revenue calculator offer great functionality, excellent resources and content. The FBA Calculator is among the free options they have to offer.

Jungle Scout FBA Calculator

JungleScout is already popular among Amazon sellers. The great thing about the tool is that users can customize the data however they want. The disadvantage is that since the file is downloadable, over time the fees will change and the numbers will get inaccurate.

Viral Launch FBA Calculator

Viral Launch is another popular tool among Amazon sellers. They are a direct competitor to JungleScout and their tool allows users to calculate profits in three different ASINs.

AMZScout FBA Calculator

This FBA profit Calculator can be used in two different ways: on the website and through the Amazon FBA calculator extension. Both tools are free, easy to use and give a quick estimate of the final costs. You can calculate whatever you need with two clicks.


SellerPrime also has an FBA calculator for Amazon. It offers more than just a calculator but a ton of useful information and steps to take you through the product costs, storage, samples, maintenance, fees and more. SellerPrime also has an Amazon FBA calculator Chrome extension that lets you do everything without leaving your browser. Plus, the calculator comes with a 7-day trial period.


This Amazon FBA fee calculator doesn’t have a very clean design and you need to enter the data manually. It’s free but compared to Viral Launch or other tools from this list it can be quite time-consuming. Still, a good option if you are looking for a free Amazon calculator tool.


This is a free extension for Chrome that can be used on single or multiple products by uploading your list directly.

amazon fba calculator

As an Amazon seller, you already have different costs, a big part of them comes from the tools and software you are using for your business. The Amazon FBA Calculator is an important tool to have but you don’t need to add more expenses when you can get it for free. And you can get it for free. In fact, there are great tools out there that have already proven to do a great job at calculating your Amazon fees and profits.

How to Use Amazon FBA Calculator

Amazon has its own FBA calculator for the different countries and marketplaces. If you decide to use that tool which is the same for whichever country you are selling in, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the product page on Amazon
  2. Go to the calculator and enter the different costs – per unit, per item and shipping.
  3. Choose to calculate and wait to see the breakdown of costs for this product. If you will be shipping the item yourself, there is such an option in the calculator too. You can also enter other costs, like packaging, shipping options and more. This way you can calculate, compare and decide which method is the most-effective FBM or FBA.


These are some of the most popular and used Amazon FBA calculators. However, if you are looking for something more sophisticated there are other options as well but they are paid and much more professional. Tactical Arbitrage and RevSeller are two of the biggest and most popular tools. These can do much more than just calculate fees but many sellers use them as their default calculators.

Keep in mind that not all Amazon Fee Calculators are accurate. Even Amazon’s own calculator warns that the data may not be 100% reliable.


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Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

created on 2020, Feb, 21

Considering the intensity of competition in the digital market today, it has become evident that it is no longer enough just to place your products on platforms such as Amazon and hope for it to sell by itself. To get optimal sales, it is vital that you do all you can to make your product easy for potential buyers to find.

To do this, you, however, must understand the needs of your customers. Sometimes, this can be an arduous task. However, there are now several digital tools that make the process easier, and Amazon keyword tools are one of such tools.

Amazon keyword tools are designed to help Amazon sellers better understand their buyers and how to make your product easy for buyers to find. Using Amazon Keyword tools will help you work out a workable strategy to market your products on Amazon and boost your sales.

Top Paid Keyword Research Tools

There are several Amazon keyword search tools, but we have tried to compile a list of the best Amazon Research tools that you can use to improve your visibility on Amazon.

1.    JungleScout

JungleScout offers Amazon sellers a more extensive range of features; from monitoring competition to discovering new and profitable products, and keyword research. JungleScout is a paid software with rates starting from $25 per month. You are, however, sure to get value for your money using JungleScout.

amazon keyword search

The software offers quality data, and its interface is easy to use. This is why it is a must-have for Amazon sellers. The best feature.


2.    Amazon Keyword Tool

The Amazon Keyword Tool also makes keyword research very easy; all you have to do is input relevant words and press enter. The software would provide you with all the information you need. From the monthly search volume to the trending words in buyers Amazon Search, the app offers you all the information you need.

amazon keyword ranking

However, to access all the features of the app, you would have to get the pro version. Follow the link to their website: The pricing of the software starts at $69/ month, and it is one of the best for when you want to get insights o what your competition is doing.


3.    Keyword Tool Dominator

At $49,99, Keyword Tool Dominator gives Amazon sellers access to several search engine databases that offer you all the information you need. The software is available as a Chrome extension, making it easy to use

4.    Viral Launch

Viral Launch is another popular company with respect to the production of software for Amazon sellers. They offer a suite of several Amazon tools, and this includes a keyword research tool. Once you sign up for the product, all you have to do in input a keyword and search, the software would offer you all the metrics you need about the product.

best amazon keyword tool

Pricing of Viral Launch starts at $71 per month, and one of its best features is its Relevancy Score, which helps to make decision making easy.


5.    Helium 10

Helium 10 is another brand popular for coming up with fantastic software packages for Amazon sellers. The keyword research tool of the brand is Magnet 2, and it is one of the best Amazon keyword tools currently available.

amazon keyword tracker

The app is easy to use and offers users a very detailed data on any keyword you give. You can also use the app to find new keywords to include in your page copy.


6.    Seller App

Seller App is a keyword research tool that helps you identify keywords to use in your PPC campaigns and Amazon SEO. The app has a database that consists of more than 100 million keywords. There is no doubt that Seller App would improve your performance on Amazon as a seller.

amazon keyword ranking

Seller App pricing starts at $49.99 per month, but you are sure to get good value for your money using this keyword research tool.

Top Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Apart from the premium keyword apps, some free keyword research tools are also amazing.

1.     Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere come as a free Chrome Extension. The app allows you to access the search volume of keywords when searching on Amazon. The advantage of the keyword is that you don’t have to leave a page before you can use it.

It also allows users to use its keyword density analysis feature. This feature helps sellers get more insight into the performance of keywords on Amazon.

2.    Amazon Autocomplete

Amazon Autocomplete is another free keyword research tool for Amazon. Although the app might not offer as many details as some other keyword research tools, you would get basic information using this tool.

Some other free keyword research tool includes Google keyword planner, Sonar, and a number of others.

To optimize your sales on Amazon, it is essential to understand what products are selling, what your competition is doing, and, most importantly, what the buyers want. This is why getting an Amazon keyword research tool can help!

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